Was Sick of John McCain, So I Sent Him the Following Note…Seriously. I really did!

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November 24, 2012

Mr. McCain:

You and Lindsey Graham have been absolutely shameful in your recent behavior. You say that you are asking these questions about Bengahzi for the American people, but that is an enormous lie. You are doing this, and your disgraceful attempts to smear the UN Ambassador Susan Rice, to try and make President Obama look bad. Well, let me be the first to tell you, you look like a giant, bitter, ass! How dare you call a Rhodes Scholar and extremely well respected female diplomat, “incompetent and not smart!” And for you not to understand that your remarks are racist, sexist, and downright stupid is just unbelievable! The President has been on the receiving end of your disrespect for the past four years. And since you are an incredibly bad loser, it seems at no point in the future will you give my President the respect he rightfully deserves. The one thing that I’ve been happiest about over the past four years was that you lost in 2008. You lost huge! And your behavior during that time has proven that the American people got it more than right. You were never good enough to be my president and every time you open your mouth to smear a great woman like Susan Rice and an equally great man like Barack Obama, you prove you are not and never will be worthy of respect.



Wish this could have been a little more high brow, but I was just pissed the hell off! And how can this man, who unleashed the sheer stupidity of Sarah Palin onto the world ever put his lips together to call Ph.D holder and Rhodes Scholar, Susan Rice, “Not smart!” It makes my blood boil that this pathetic little man has any say in American Politics. 


It’s a 50/50 Nation and the True Old White Man’s Burden

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It’s a 50/50 Nation and the True Old White Man’s Burden


All you have to see is the breakdown of who voted for whom to see why this country is polarized. White folks, you are no longer the majority. You think we elected Obama because we want stuff, wrong, we elected him because he acknowledges our right to exist. He does not impose his religious views upon the rest of us, and he understands basic economics that you need the largest sector of the population (middle class) to do very well in order for us to have the proper amount of revenue in order to run the country. He understands that what he does abroad has a direct effect on our sons and daughters that would have to fight the war he starts. He does not dismiss the differences in our population, he celebrates them. He celebrates us. So, if you are going to continue to insist that you’re the only one paying for us (early voted for Obama like two weeks ago!) I say, whine on! Old white folks are a stagnant voting block, with absolutely no growth potential, so this all becomes a waiting game. OR, you could try and see us. Make intelligent arguments that would get us to join you. OR you could simply CHANGE! OR NOT! Either way, we celebrate your irrelevance.

Against Same-Sex Marriage? First learn what marriage truly was/is.

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All this talk of marriage having anything to do with love or God is just dumb. Marriage was never a personal matter concerning only husband and wife, but rather the business of their two families which brought them together. Most marriages, therefore, were arranged. The wife usually had few if any rights in the relationship and was expected to be subservient to her husband.

Marriage was an economic arrangement. There was little room for romantic love, and even simple affection was not considered essential. Procreation and cooperation were the main marital duties. Much hasn’t changed in today’s society except the excessive application of the god factor to the union.

Again, which is dumb, because marriage is still a LEGAL, not SPIRITUAL, contract. Because people have added love to the equation, why is it that these fools think they are the only ones who know how to love? Which, in and of itself, is a joke since they can’t find time to love their fellow man or woman. You don’t have to agree with same-sex marriage, but you do have to accept it. Because only your god, by the Book’s word, is allowed to judge.

I really wish these people would read the Book they claim to live by.  

Minnesota Gay Marriage Ban Amendment Supported By College Students (PHOTOS) http://huff.to/YC5Xm3 via @HuffPostGay


An open letter to the Republicans…

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Republicans, you are going to lose tomorrow. Just accept that and start the grieving process now.


For the love of heaven, learn from your constant mistakes. This country was built on the backs of Blacks, Native Americans, and Asians who have been here longer than most of you (If your family came through Ellis Island, Blacks predate you since they have been here since the 1600’s and the Native Americans between 500 BC–1000 AD). Latinos are a part of our nation (remember most southwestern states were Mexico before the Mexican/American War) and your continued contempt for them will only accelerate the full destruction of your party. People who are on Social Security and use Medicare have paid into these systems and DESERVE to benefit from the programs they have supported for their entire working lives. They are not freeloaders. And students have power! Once they are organized around a cause they are a force of nature and shouldn’t be ignored.

There are not enough angry white men to support you anymore. There never will be again. A melting pot we claim and soon we will actually be. Respect the entire contents of the pot and stop ladling out the parts you think you can lie, cheat, and steal into believing you.

By the way, if you have to lie, cheat, and steal votes, then your arguments have been found incredibly lacking. Make better arguments!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Rich isn’t the only worthy class in this country!

Stop aiming your policies toward the least getting the most. You’ve had your time. And the rest of the country has now grown bored with the idiocy you’ve put forth.

Change. You no longer have a choice.

Obama/Biden 2012


The Case for Obama: Why He Is a Great President. Yes, Great.

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The Case for Obama: Why He Is a Great President. Yes, Great. Nuff said!


Mitt Romney Foreign Policy Speech Seeks Momentum On New Front

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So, we pulled out of Iraq too soon.
Should stay in Afghanistan forever.
Escalate a fight with Iran.
Randomly supply weapons to the Syrian Rebels who “share our values.” WTF!

The last moron that thought this way got over 4000 of our service men and women killed. Can our country stand to be at war on five fronts and paying for it on a credit card? This fool cannot be allowed to be commander in chief especially since he’s willing to kill our children, but not sacrifice any of his own!
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


11 April, 2012 16:08

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It hurts enormously when you work so hard for something you’re so right for, but don’t get it. That happened to me today. Today, I lost the job of my dreams. I’m trying not to cry.

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