Smartypants: Trust vindicated

Smartypants: Trust vindicated.

I’ve learned that those of us who believe in President Obama are called Obamabots. Okay, not very original, but I’ll accept that. The fact is my programming responds positively to the way he handles his job. The above link is to an amazing essay on why President Obama actions on Syria were stunningly brilliant and why you should slow down and think before you start attacking him. The one thing that I do love about the man is that he is about the long game and even more important, it’s not about his ego.

When I taught English at the local community college, I was inundated with students that had to repeat the course because they weren’t taught anything. Their teacher’s egos got in the way. It’s simple: if a teacher walks into a classroom and says that no one here will get an A, that is their ego talking. Period. And they have no interest in being an engaged educator. I suggest if any student get’s that speech before a class, you get up and leave. That teacher will do nothing to help you learn what you need to know. Besides that, it’s a shitty thing to say and a worse thing to wish on your students.

President Obama doesn’t listen to the MSM’s bitching, moaning, or their armchair quarterbacking on how best to run a country. He doesn’t give a shit if the right, and more importantly, the left whines and bitches about how he’s supposedly “weak.” He does what he has to do to make sure a situation is handled with as much care as possible, even if what’s required is a threat of force.

There is no ego there.

He does what he’s supposed to do with or without approval from the left and more importantly, in my opinion, without the threat of ego. No “mission accomplished” banners on destroyers here.

A grown up doesn’t require the ego stroke.



~ by wastedlife40 on September 15, 2013.

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