This High Tech Apocalypse Seems Very Familiar…Oblivion.

Possible Spoilers Ahead. Read with Caution!

If you’ve seen Aeon Flux, than you’ve seen about forty-five percent of this movie.

I loathe Tom Cruise, there is just no getting past it, but I tend to love his choice of movies. I also love Morgan Freeman and Olga Kurylenko, so for them, the genre, and the cinematography, I was first in line to see this movie.

Unfortunately, I pegged most of the storyline right from the beginning. Hell, I knew what he was before I even hit the theatre. I knew pretty much what was going on, not the full scope of the story of course, because when they go back and tell you what happened that’s when the known parts come together. The love story was also familiar, but satisfying. As a post-apocalyptic, the visuals and sets were stunning and I so want that house in the sky! Absolutely beautiful!

I can see why this was greenlit. There are just no new stories in Hollywood and they couldn’t be happier! And there is nothing new in this story, but it was entertaining. Expect it to move more slowly than you think. It has some really high action scenes, but they are spread throughout the movie. It’s a lot more cerebral than I think people might expect after watching the trailers. It also keeps you waiting for clues to the story a little longer than necessary, but it works to keep you awake.

I give Oblivion a solid B. However, the grade would have gone higher if I didn’t already know the game.


~ by wastedlife40 on April 21, 2013.

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