My Progressive Brothers and Sisters Need to Chill!

Haven’t we been here before?

Yeah, I distinctly remember Liberals and Progressives losing their damned minds when they found out that President Obama was cutting Medicare. Yup, he dared to harm the sacred cow of the Democrats. He committed the ultimate sin of touching an entitlement. Committed the sin of trying to find a way to make the program more efficient so that many more who needed it could get and stay on it. I mean really, how fucking dare he try to make the system work for more people.

And after all of the bitching and moaning past, and the details of the cuts finally were finally revealed…

Didn’t you all feel foolish for doubting him?

The Medicare cuts he proposed, over $760 Million dollars worth, came from the waste the program has been bloated with for ages. What he did added 8 years to the life of Medicare and was so good that that asshole from Wisconsin chose to add the savings into his own bullshit budget.

What I’m saying is that we give the man a chance. He hasn’t disappointed yet when it’s come to entitlements. This is a dance, Kabuki Theater as many news sites like to call it, and until this dance comes to an end and President Obama takes his final bow, I’m going to hold my booing or applause. For this performance, like all the others, shows us that no matter what the President proposes, even if it’s enough to get all of the Democrats panties in a huge bunch, the Republicans will continue to make excuses and go against him.

So tell me why again, my Progressive brothers and sisters, are you running around like your hair’s on fire?


~ by wastedlife40 on April 10, 2013.

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