It’s a 50/50 Nation and the True Old White Man’s Burden

It’s a 50/50 Nation and the True Old White Man’s Burden


All you have to see is the breakdown of who voted for whom to see why this country is polarized. White folks, you are no longer the majority. You think we elected Obama because we want stuff, wrong, we elected him because he acknowledges our right to exist. He does not impose his religious views upon the rest of us, and he understands basic economics that you need the largest sector of the population (middle class) to do very well in order for us to have the proper amount of revenue in order to run the country. He understands that what he does abroad has a direct effect on our sons and daughters that would have to fight the war he starts. He does not dismiss the differences in our population, he celebrates them. He celebrates us. So, if you are going to continue to insist that you’re the only one paying for us (early voted for Obama like two weeks ago!) I say, whine on! Old white folks are a stagnant voting block, with absolutely no growth potential, so this all becomes a waiting game. OR, you could try and see us. Make intelligent arguments that would get us to join you. OR you could simply CHANGE! OR NOT! Either way, we celebrate your irrelevance.


~ by wastedlife40 on November 7, 2012.

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