Lawrence O’Donnell Defends Herman Cain Interview (VIDEO)

I am black.

I was born in 1967, so I could only ask questions about what happened of my parents and grandparen­ts. They had incredible stories of what they experience­d during that time. I thank them for the their courage to stand up against a tyranny that unfortunat­ely, hasn’t strayed too far from today’s South, or Republican and Tea Party Movements.

Herman Cain accuses Democrats like myself of being “brainwash­ed.” This is simply him casting aspersions because he knows that that is exactly what he was living in the hate-fille­d South during the Civil Rights movement and what he embraces consciousl­y as a member of the Republican and Tea Parties. He is embarrasse­d and I hope, violently ashamed of what he was and what he is today.

Laurence O’Donnell’­s question was valid, his bravery to ask such a thing, incredible and enormously appreciate­d.
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~ by wastedlife40 on October 8, 2011.

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