MONDO was robbed!

RE: Project Runway Season 8

Mondo’s comment about Gretchen’s work was kind. Mundane? Gretchen Jones was much worse than that. The only garment of any true measure she created was the denim jumpsuit from the second challenge. Every piece after that was as dull and uninspired as she was and I can’t believe Michael and Nina fell for that crap. At least Tim Gunn called her out for the bullying hack she was. This was so wrong! Her show had no style, no spirit, no…nothing! The only redeeming quality of the entire show was the great styling of the girls. That was the only thing that kept my attention. I couldn’t remember one piece of her collection, but the green accents and fantastic fabric choices of Andy’s and the bubble dress, scull and crossbone leggings, and that awesome blouse on Mondo’s opening model will never be forgotten!

Season eight for me will go down as not only one of the worse for talent (Christian Siriano spoiled it for everyone), the new format being just awful (I’d prefer not to hear the continuous complaining by the contestants not to mention their constant evisceration of Michael Costello whom I like a lot), but also as the season when the most undeserving designer in the show’s history actually won! Ick!


~ by wastedlife40 on October 30, 2010.

One Response to “MONDO was robbed!”

  1. I have never watched this show for the ‘drama’, but for the creativity and the interesting challenges. If I want backstabbing drama I’ll watch the Housewives franchise.

    This season was most disappointing in the promotion of bullying behavior…and became even worse in rewarding the bully.


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