Anne Rice’s Christianity Crisis

Anne Rice’s Christianity Crisis.

I’m proud of Ms. Rice’s ability to free herself from the shackles of religion.

I lost my faith in the Christian God, his followers, and religion sitting one evening in a store front church in Philadelphia at the tender age of 8. It was an amazingly sound decision, for one so young, and one that I never regretted. Seeking, I examined other religions hoping to find something the could fill that emptiness that I was constantly told should be consuming me because I couldn’t adhere to any recognizable faith. The funny part of that was, I wasn’t empty and the search itself simply reinforced what I’d felt on that cool autumn night.

I am spiritual in that I believe there is a higher power and that my life has meaning and purpose.

Naming that power, In my opinion, cheapens it by putting artificial constraints on its greatness and allowing me to assume I know what it wants or what its actions (or lack there of) mean.

It is something that just, is.

My beliefs are my own. I live a moral life, making decisions that I hope harm no one. People should live and let live and avoid judgment. I’m not a saint and don’t try to live as one. I’m a work in progress and am always learning. And the one thing I’ve learned in this life is that religion is not necessary and proves harmful to us as a species far more often than it is proven beneficial.

Religion is a set of doctrines and laws imposed by man.
Faith is belief and trust in and loyalty to the God of your choosing.

Religion is unnecessary when faith is present.


~ by wastedlife40 on August 3, 2010.

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