Attempt Hope.

Patience is a virtue.

Virtue is defined one way as conformity to a standard of right. Morality.

The United States of America has lost its virtue.

It heart. Most of its soul.

And most of its people don’t seem to care. Too much for them, to big for them to affect change. But they did make the change. Made it and now, cringe in its wake.


Most of them.

I have hope, sometimes, but only because he assures me that it’s necessary to keep the faith and since he is one who is so fouled everyday by those who are the shit he’s forced to walk through, I listen.

It isn’t my normal way. I trust few and little of what I hear, choosing to filter all-multiple times before allowing it to settle among my synapses. Besides most of what we hear today is, in a word, gross. Such venom and hatred and the people of this country aren’t even ashamed that they propagate it. The media has no shame in disseminating the garbage as if they were Santa with gifts for the orphanage. Us orphans must take what we can get right? Be happy that Santa chooses to visit such lowly children. Be thankful for the attention when it is Santa that needs to be thankful for the children; thankful that they choose to believe in him at all.

And why do they believe?

That’s simple, believing is easy. Belief requires no thought, no dissemination at all. You simply give yourself over to the knowledge and let it guide you. You float on the information as if driftwood on the sea, always at its mercy, always commanded. And since you’re never in control, you always have an out. A way to blame others for your situation and never take responsibility for any action.

American’s tend to be good that way.

To our very shame.

We did something very good two years ago and I fear we will do something very bad in November. But when I feel like this, I think of him and attempt hope.


~ by wastedlife40 on July 17, 2010.

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