Butter flavored parachutes flapping in bacon scented wind…

Three down, two to go!

The act of readjusting your thinking away from your obsession is a difficult one. I’m truly exhausted from avoiding food in commercials, magazines, and ads on the internet. I thought reading would save me, but no. A protagonist in a story I just read was making five cheese mac & cheese (my favorite food). I could have died! I thought I was safe, but then I knew I was being silly. Yeah, I love mac & cheese, but until Thanksgiving (and several days after) I couldn’t eat it anyway!

This has been a lot easier than my last fast. I feel a lot less desperate, although I am having some serious dreams about food and not sleeping dreams, waking ones. I find myself daydreaming about food; pulling the taste of sushi from my memory.

It’s weird and seriously creeping me out. (because with concentration, I can actually taste the damned fish!)

I don’t like being out of control (yes, irony), but I think I’m actually learning to deal with flapping in the bacon scented wind.

All I need now is a butter flavored parachute and I’ll be perfect!

Until tomorrow…


~ by wastedlife40 on April 21, 2010.

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