I love eggs! Part II

March Fast: March 8, 2010-March 12, 2010

Topic: Results

Beginning Weight: 482.2lbs

Ending Weight: 470.2lbs

Weight lost: 12lbs

So, I did way better than I thought I would this week. I must admit that suffering (although not in silence, sorry!) was the way to go. A little faith in the process was really successful.

Now time for the hard part.

Breaking a fast is never as pleasurable as you might think. Yes, I am very happy to be eating again, however, hmm…let’s just say…that you tend to spend far more time in the bathroom than you did even on a liquid diet! Most people break their fast with fruit juice. I hate fruit juice. Orange juice just makes me gag and other juices are far too sweet for my taste buds. I discovered I much prefer Lipton’s Cup-A-Soups (not raman, the ones you’d use for dips and such). The chicken noodle with white meat is my favorite and gives you just enough bulk (i.e. barely any!) to ease your digestive track back into working order. Add to that some Activia yogurt and you have an easy way to return to the world of food. I’ll have that today and most of tomorrow and will perhaps end the day with a small salad. I won’t eat meat again until Tuesday or Wednesday.

See why I love this diet, lifestyle choice? Whatever you what to call it, it offers me the most control I’ve ever had over my eating without surgery. It forces certain behaviors and except for shortening the lengths of the fasts, has not real shortcuts.  I’ve considered surgery since the 90’s and it wasn’t fear that stopped me, but the belief that I could would do it on my own. I had to believe, no, did believe that I was strong enough to overcome the emotional triggers that kept me wallowing in food.  I’d manage to accomplish this once before in 2004. I managed to lose 125lbs before giving up. The trigger that time; a firing coupled with a harsh betrayal by someone I thought was a friend. A friend who exercised with me after work everyday. I was blindsided and recovery from that little surprise took the form of pasta, rice, and cakes. I spend the next five years trying to regain the mindset I had that year and FINALLY, I’ve gotten it back!

And it’s the mindset that must be maintained now and forever.

Just a little mantra that needs to be recited. Often.


~ by wastedlife40 on March 13, 2010.

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