March Fast: March 8, 2010-March 12, 2010

Starting Fast Weight: 482.2lbs

Topic: Rituals

Hello Again!

Sorry I’ve been absent for the past six weeks, but I needed to follow the path of my healing without referring to it every single day. I don’t respond well to constant reminders. I’m a bit of a freak that way. Rituals for me are difficult to keep if they are not something that brings me constant pleasure (i.e. food, computer games, tv, sleep)! It’s sad really, but it is a character flaw I’ve learned to live with. This blog was supposed to be a ritual to allow me to follow my progress if only to be a forum for spewing how much I hate dieting.

Well, I don’t hate what I’m doing now. On the contrary, I think I’ve finally found an acceptable and doable way of losing, then maintaining my weight. I was relieved this morning. There was no debating what I could eat, how much I should eat, or even when to eat. I liked knowing that I only had to have my Citrucel and loads of tea and that I could have a protein shake if I liked. Fasting is easy.

There are no moral dilemma’s to wrestle with.

There is no guilt to feel.

Or dietary decisions to make.

Fasting is very easy, until your sister comes home and makes something that smells divine. I learned that if you breathe in the smell (in through nose, out through mouth) several times, your nose doesn’t smell it much anymore. I discovered this lifesaver when I went to the movies and the scent of buttery popcorn assaulted me. I just kept breathing deeply until I could no longer smell it. The scent was still there, but not strong enough to temp me. I don’t know why that works and I really don’t care. I’m just super happy it does!

So, day one is ending and I’m okay.

P.S. I’ve lost 58lbs in six weeks!


~ by wastedlife40 on March 8, 2010.

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