God, I love eggs!

God, I love eggs!

Guess what got me through today? I had my first favorite food and was very happy I was home. Let’s just say that the tummy, having been completely devoid of sustenance for seven days, kind of got used to being that way and refused to hold any food for very long. This, of course, will be a total bitch when I go out tomorrow. It means either I have to leave a few hours after I eat, or eat when I come back. And it won’t get any better since I’m planning to go full low carb. Bread, pasta, or rice would help with this problem, but gun to my head, I’m not touching that shit!

Those three are my kryptonite. They just create all sorts of havoc in my body as well as my mind. Especially Pasta. My ideal of heaven is every pasta dress known to man surrounding me on a never ending conveyor belt without a single consequence to my gluttony! Throw in Chinese food of every kind (especially good fried rice and dumplings) and you have the very definition of heaven. To know that those foods are gone from my diet for at least a year and then consumable only a maximum of twelve times a year from there on out is just effing depressing. But everyone has their trigger. Everyone knows the thing that will push them over the edge and those things are mine.

It makes me sad just thinking about it.

I added broccoli to my eggs for dinner and it was nirvana. I just need to get some cheese in this house. It was what was missing to make them perfect. I must admit that I’m quite lucky to love broccoli as much as I do pasta. A frozen bag of broccoli from Trader Joes has only 75 calories (one pound bag) and I love broccoli all by itself. It will have to do as a replacement for the carbohydrate love!

I think I might try fish tomorrow.

I know, exciting isn’t it?!


~ by wastedlife40 on February 11, 2010.

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