Day One: Back in the real world

Today was the first day of real food and I had great difficulty eating.

I began with an Activa yogurt. I figured since it was a live food and excellent for digestion that I’d start with something designed to soothe the digestive system. And save for some funny noises, my stomach tolerated it very well. I thought it might be nice to have something to chew, so I added a handful of edamame. To my overwhelming shock, that was almost too filling AND there was no pleasure in eating it. Now let me be clear, these are two of my favorite foods and it was so difficult eating them, it became a chore. It took over six hours for that full feeling to dissipate.

For dinner, I decided to go back to what I was used to and had another yogurt, but I had cup-o-soups for the meal part. They’re small and only 45 calories a packet. So, I ate a box! Yeah, I know, I’ll burn in hell for that 180 calories! I’m gonna try some liquid eggs tomorrow for breakfast. I’ve been desperate for that and bacon, but one thing at a time.

I knew re-aclimating myself to a regular diet wouldn’t be easy, I just didn’t think a mind could change so much in just seven days. I guess my experiment worked. It’s just the first day back, but I think I may have truly gotten my reset.


~ by wastedlife40 on February 10, 2010.

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