Day Six

One day to go!

I know I should be concentrating on other things, but really, not eating leaves a shitload of time to fill and television just makes you crazy. I think I will limit my fasts to five days every four to eight weeks depending on what I’ve eaten. For example, my sister and I have made a happy hour date for February 26th at Momotarro’s our favorite Japanese restaurant. Ten days after that, I will start my next fast. Hit the reset button if you will. I will be evaluating when I need to stop and give my body a break from food and this won’t be something I just do this year or until I lose the 250lbs, I will be doing this at varying intervals for the rest of my life.

That’s what this week was really about; getting used to doing fasts and not feeling like the world is ending because I take a few days off not to eat: training myself not to need to feed everyday; not to wake up plotting my meals for the day, let a television commercial sent me into a food spiral, or to let the smells of my building force me to go running for the kitchen just because they smell divine. This is about giving myself a way to course correct at the last minute, to know that I can get right back on that horse even if I come flying off. And god knows the way I feel about food, it is the only way for me to survive.

Tomorrow is my last day.

For this month at least.


~ by wastedlife40 on February 8, 2010.

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