Day Three

Didn’t feel the overwhelming need for food today. It seems I’m beginning to tolerate my new diet a little better. Still smelling butter and bacon at rather odd times, but I think that’s just my subconscious rebelling. I realized that I wasn’t taking in nearly enough liquid. But unfortunately, I’m not getting thirsty in the way I would if I were consuming solid food. So, I have to pay far more attention and take in at least a half gallon of liquid a day.

My nerves are a lot calmer today and I’m cold. Seriously cold. LA is going through a bit of a frosty moment, but this is cold even when covered. My body has gone in to low-drive, I assume, and making heat just isn’t that much of a priority for it anymore. I guess I’ll just have to wear more clothes.

Tomorrow is going to be difficult. It will be the first time that I’m surrounded by people eating and out for an extended period of time. Wish me luck!


~ by wastedlife40 on February 5, 2010.

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