Day One

Okay, so, I’m going a bit ape shit here today. I knew how much time food took up in a life, but do we ever truly realize that it’s not just for sustenance, comfort, or an excuse for a family gathering, but it’s such a part of the psyche that my mind keeps going back to the screaming need to put something that can be chewed into my mouth. Maybe it’s just a simple oral fixation, maybe it’s something about the textures of the food, the very act of chewing and swallowing that’s got me reeling. But I know one thing it’s not about:


There is no physical need for food. My belly is content (actually with as much as I’ve been drinking, I’m kind of full), but my mind and my mouth are desperate for engagement. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.


~ by wastedlife40 on February 3, 2010.

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