Day Five: Penultimate Week: Emotions

I’m an emotional eater.

I’m sure that’s no surprise to any of you. You don’t get to be this large on gluttony alone. It takes some spectacular emotional damage to maintain this weight. I’m sure some would say that I have to get control of those emotions in order to even begin to be successful and some would be wrong because there is just no way to fix that giant mess in the time allotted.

Emotions for me will always be a long work in progress for I feel everything. That’s not hyperbole, its fact and it’s devastating to me. But I can no longer allow emotions to rule everything.

Not anymore.

I will be expressing how I feel often in the coming weeks. I won’t censor the crazy (and I assure you there will be a lot of crazy) or lie or omit anything. Maybe if the scabs are removed often, I can build up that emotional skin and finally get healthy.

Strap in folks. It’s gonna be one hell of a ride!


~ by wastedlife40 on January 29, 2010.

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