Day Four: Penultimate Week: General Health

I had a full physical in November of 2008, right after I was laid off from a shiny new job (still bitter about the market collapse of 2008 for sure!). Since they were great enough to give me a severance from a job I’d only had for four months, and extended my health benefits for an additional month, I saw fit to use it for everything it was worth. I’d turned forty in 2007 and had no idea what my general health was beyond fat. Sometimes you just don’t want to face the music you think is coming your way. You don’t want to know how bad bad really is and you damn sure don’t want to deal with the consequences of your own inactions. So, nailing myself to the healthcare cross wasn’t something I did because I had a choice. Unemployment and the coming lack of health insurance made the decision for me.

So off to my general practitioner I went. My doctor is really cool and non-judgmental. Hard to find here in the US and doubly hard to find in LA. When I told him of my insurance predicament (I had been a strictly cash patient up till then), he got on board and gave me every test that I could possibly need, most I’d never had in my adult life. The most important being a deep vein sonogram. That’s when they have you lay down in your undies and they drag a tool and tons of KY Jelly all over your body and the pictures of your veins, arteries, and organs show up on this large screen. I got to see my heart beating. Creepy and rather fluid. Anyway, they go over ever major vein and artery to check for blockages and such. You feel a little bruised afterward, because of the force used to push the tool against the skin so that they can get a good picture.

After all of that (I had to have two appointments to cover this bod), I found out that I was just fine. Yes, you read that correctly, I have the body of an average forty-one year old. My veins and arteries were perfectly clear. Trust me, my doctor and the technician were just as surprised as I was. So, with my arteries, veins, and organs perfectly healthy, my blood work awesome (cholesterol=162, blood sugar=83), liver function excellent (the technician couldn’t believe the size of my liver-it wasn’t enlarged or anything, just really big!), my blood pressure was 145/92 (that was after months of not being medicated-for which I am now and won’t be once I lose weight and my pressure returns to normal), and everything else basically in good order (hit every doctor but a podiatrist and with heel spurs that was kind of stupid), I’m ready to begin.


~ by wastedlife40 on January 28, 2010.

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