Day Three: Penultimate Week: Exercise

I hate exercise.

There is no other way to put it except that I hate to move and/or sweat. I hate to put in any physical effort at all. That’s the ugly truth that has created a fat body. I won’t call my body ugly, because there are far too many who believe it isn’t (sometimes I’m one of them), but it is very uncomfortable.

The fact is that even heavy, I used to be extremely strong. That’s what I miss. There is a certain amount weakness that accompanies extreme weight. My main weakness seems to be in my arms and shoulders. I used to be able to bear a lot more weight than I can today and damn if I don’t miss my impression of Tarzan.

I’m going with the non-sweaty exercises at first. Frankly, anything more giggly and I won’t be able to do it for extended periods. The heavy breathing finally caught up with me and too much movement is uncomfortable. So I’ll begin with the yoga’s and Tai Chi’s, stretches, anything that will let my poor muscles regain some semblance of their former strength. I’m of two minds about these exercises. I like how I feel after doing them, but they still take me away from my reading, writing, and television. I am such a cliché of my generation. Sesame Street and MTV did not do this body good. I’m planning my days pretty stringently and will put exercise in them for at least 30 minutes everyday; most likely in the morning, after coffee and before the internet. Once I turn on the damned computer, I’m stuck for at least two hours. It’s a sin really, but what the hell are you gonna do?

I won’t be going outside just yet. I don’t really like walking in my neighborhood (nice neighborhood, but LA is not made for walkers) and did you ever notice that the biggest people have the most exercise videos and DVD’s? You should see my collection. Hell, I found ones dusty and still in their original packaging. I’ve lived at my present location for over ten years and couldn’t even begin to tell you when I bought them. But bought them I did and I will make sure to use every single one of them (exercise is boring, hopefully the variety will help with that).


~ by wastedlife40 on January 27, 2010.

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