R.I.P. American Women…

Why does this country hate women so much? First, the government suggested changes in the screening starts for mammography and pap smears (which, of course, will make insurance companies staggeringly happy!) then the suggestion that Breast Self Exams don’t work when we know women have saved their own lives because of one. Yet,  if we told every man that his dick would fall off if he didn’t check it regularly, the reminder of it would probably be announced monthly on the national news! Because god forbid their cocks don’t work! Yes, this world would surely come to an end if that happend!
The US just loves to assume it treats women so much better than say the Taliban. Frankly, the Taliban’s hatred of women is just displayed more openly and dare I say, more honestly. Because believe it or not, a Klansman wearing the pointy white hat and screaming his hatred is far more honest that the rich snob tossing less than minimum wage at their illegal help.
The outcry will kill these suggestions and make those that put them forth sorry they ever did, but the ideas will take hold in the Insurance industry and if true healthcare reform doesn’t pass, than the title of this piece will be absolutely true: R.I.P American Women!

~ by wastedlife40 on November 22, 2009.

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