Obama’s Dover Salute Is an Iconic Image of His Presidency

It always amazes me how rethugs only hear and read the facts they chose to believe. Never the truth, always some mere shadow of it for them. The family of that soldier that was seen, had given it’s permission for cameras to be there BEFORE they knew that the President planned to attend. What I’m sure your FAKE news didn’t tell you was that there were 18 soldier coming home that night, and President Obama stood in honor of all of them. I understand your need to be cynical. I even understand your need to see our President in a negative way. You have no choice. Your world is so tiny and immature that any form of change is greeted disparagingly and a truly decent man is a thing that exists only in fiction. Bu$h treated our military like his own barrel full of G.I.Joe toys. It didn’t matter if some got destroyed because mamma Bu$h could always go down to the 5&dime and get some more. We now have a President that is weighing every option before he sends REAL people off to war and you turn your ignorant nose up at him?

If only I could make you live in that moronic world you cling to so hopelessly…
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~ by wastedlife40 on October 30, 2009.

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