To all my annoyed gay friends…

You know there is something I don’t get. For eight years, no, thirty, the LGBT community yelled into the void and got zilch for the effort. Now, when you finally have someone in the White House who not only says that he will change things for you, but is actually doing something about it, the community gives him nothing but grief, like his is the only administration to ever deny you full rights! It sucks that Civics is no longer a staple in schools or you would know what it takes to repeal a law. It’s not something done overnight and if the President writes a memo to quickly overturn DADT, then that waste of a law will never be repealed and in eight years, you’ll have to deal with it all over again. He is your only opportunity to change the future for LGBT children and you’re mad he hasn’t done it in the nine months he’s been in office? How dare he take so damned long?! Yeah, wasn’t like he had anything else to do?

You should help him by pressuring your congressman and senators to act properly, not faulting him because your timetable is not being met. You’re so close to everything you’ve ever hoped for, don’t muck it up with unrealistic expectations.


~ by wastedlife40 on October 11, 2009.

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