The Nobel Prize Committee choose very well!

Why do Republicans hate America? First they are thrilled that Chicago loses the Olympics, now they’re livid that the President wins the Nobel Peace Prize. It’s sad to think that they really will take the next eight years to hate All things Obama! Makes sense though, if you think about it. They should hate him, because by the end of his administration, everything they’ve ever done (thank the deity of your choice) will be partially or completely undone. And the next President of these United States will have and enormous legacy to live up to, not to mention our changed expectations, and that must scare the lovers of the status quo to death. Everything has changed and they will do anything to change it back. I think the Nobel Peace Prize Committee just made that nearly impossible to ever again achieve.

Congratulations, President Obama!


~ by wastedlife40 on October 9, 2009.

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